portfolio cv


A task management app.


I implemented a personal website for Andrei Juradowich. This project has animated slideshows, embedded Vimeo players, responsive design. Since the client is a designer, one of the requirements was making the top-level component structure easily understandable and editable.


aprendES is a web application for learning Spanish online. It’s work-in-progress and it’s meant to combine my development skills with the teaching approaches that I found to work well. It has several types of exercises and a design, both of which I came up with by myself.

laptop configurator

Inspired by Apple’s MacBook customizer, I made a fully-featured replica.


apptv is an experiment to clone the User Interface and Experience of Apple TV and bring it to the web.

When you open it, you see the home screen. You can click any application icon to open. Keyboard navigation is supported (left-right-top-down or wasd to navigate, Enter to open the application, and Esc to close). There are two functioning apps:

  • Wolforator, which is a calculator application; and
  • Catyminders, which is a Reminders-style to-do app.
  • The rest of the applications listed are mere placeholders.

MacOS-like Desktop on the web

It’s a replica of the desktop and window management experience in macOS. There is a working dock; windows can be opened from the dock, moved around, resized, maximized, and minimized.

There are two working applications:

  • Followers, which is a small app to manage friend requests.
  • BookFly (work-in-progress), which is an app to find and “buy” airplane tickets.